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Buying a Bobcat? Here’s Why Battery-Power Beats the Bunch


Make way for the Sherpa mini-skid steer

Powerful. Compact. Versatile. In the construction business, we all know and value that little guy called the skid steer. Its maneuverability and attachment options make it many machines in one, so it’s no surprise there’s a host of companies trying to make their model the one you choose.

Skid steer loaders are commonly referred to as Bobcats, after the company that first created them. In the half century since, everyone from JCB to John Deere have rolled out their own models. They all share similar impressive statistics, customizable attachments, and bold claims to be the best of their breed.

These “household name” construction equipment suppliers have household reputations, but their tools all share the same major flaw: they’re gas guzzlers. As such, they create potential problems on site, such as fines for noise or indoor air pollution violations, labor and repair risks, and high fuel costs. In addition, reputations are built on providing what the public wants and these days, that means a construction site that’s environmentally considerate.

It’s bad news for the traditional Bobcat now that times are changing. Yesterday’s king of construction is losing ground to a smaller and leaner competitor who has evolved to thrive in the new landscape.

Materials handling equipment has been revolutionized by battery-power. For example, electric lift trucks now account for over 60% of the modern market. And the adoption of battery-powered mini skid steers is set to follow.

Why a Sherpa beats a Bobcat

No matter the brand of skid steer you’re sizing up, you want it to work for your budget and to pull its weight on-site. It’s the reason we offer the Sherpa 100 ECO.

A truly innovative piece of equipment, the Sherpa is the world’s first mini battery powered skid steer. It’s 76 centimeters wide and weighs in at 1600lbs but it’s more than a match for the big jobs. The Sherpa is also the key to big savings on labor and fuel, plus more contract opportunities for your organization as environmental responsibility becomes a key requirement for construction firms.

As a battery-powered skid, the 100ECO produces no dangerous fumes while it operates. Battery power means you’re not only clear to work outdoors, your list of indoor work opportunities grows too. The safety of the Sherpa means you can work unhindered in inhabited areas, secure in the knowledge you’re meeting OSHA health and safety standards on every kind of site, from shopping malls to schools and hospitals.

The power of versatility

The Sherpa is a nimble little model whose slim frame gives it access to tight spaces. The bucket option helps the Sherpa dig in to transport loads and offers three different width options. If you need to get a grip with a grapple there are three more width options that can help you shift serious weight. Its compact frame is capable of lifting over 700 pounds and supports a hammer that makes short work of walls and delivers 350 foot-pounds of power.

There are more options:

  • Pin buckets
  • Stone clamps
  • Plows
  • Lifting hooks
  • Trailer couplings
  • Large and small hydraulic clamps
  • Stone clamps
  • Stationary and roller brooms to clean up the site

How the Sherpa shapes up in cost

When you add it all up, “Sherpa” may as well be another word for “savings.” We’ve provided a Cost Calculator to give you examples of how the 100ECO saves on labor costs. And with 44% of construction companies dedicating half of their operational budget to fuel costs, the savings from battery-power get even bigger.

Fuel and labor costs aside, investing in the 100ECO will look after a lot more than money. Removing toxic fumes from your worksite could reduce workplace injuries and compensation claims from on-site workers or members of the public. You’ll be on the right side of the law too. Federal fines for violating the Clean Air Act or risking harmful noise are also eliminated with clean, quiet battery-powered equipment.

If your company wants to be at the forefront of the construction industry’s move to battery power, then Triple E is here to make it happen. You can reach us at (954)-978 3440 or send us a message to find out more about our equipment.

July 26, 2017 By Alex Berg in Blog