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How to Make an Onsite Labor Shortage Work for You


Construction is tough work, and everybody knows it. This fact is one of a few contributing to a lack of job hunters choosing it as a career. The problem needs to be answered, but there are ways for companies to thrive in the meantime.

Construction is one of the oldest and proudest skills in human society. It’s the skill that kept us safe from the elements, housed people and resources, and helped settlements grow into civilizations. With the global population at over 7 billion and climbing, you’d think that construction sites would be full of people building tomorrow’s structures.

Sadly, there’s a shortage of workers and there are a few reasons why. An aging workforce and immigration barriers are two we looked at previously. Millennials comprise the workforce of the future but they don’t see construction as a career. This insightful article highlights the kind of bias and social misconception that facilitates an undeserved stigma that does construction a real injustice.

What are the big factors in this attitude?

Today’s job-ready demographics are part of a massively tech-oriented society. This virtual world is where the big bucks are seen to be. The labor-intensive jobs are viewed as a step down in status as well as income, not to mention physically dangerous. This notion that technology and construction are opposites is a common misconception; so common that it’s even rife in the construction industry itself.

It’s up to us in the industry to educate tomorrow’s workers

So, what would we at Triple E want today’s youth to know about modern construction? First, there’s actually a growing convergence between tech and the building trades (a convergence we’re keeping a close eye on). Robots, drones, and other amazing developments are slowly making construction as tech-centric as any other industry.

Second, the risks involved with construction are also diminishing as robots work alongside us to protect humans from danger. These facts dispel two outdated perceptions, but a third one remains: money.

Construction can offer very respectable financial rewards, and that’s only going to improve. The current shortage of workers in our industry means there are more jobs available. The need to fill those roles makes those vacancies lucrative ones to apply for. Construction workers can look for a median salary of $59,000 a year, with higher-skilled tradespeople making $80,000 in some cases and managers over $100,000.

The same article even suggests that tomorrow’s construction professionals will be the status and income equivalent of today’s doctors! Those of us in the industry (and gradually, the media) know that manual work is certainly no step down, but it’s going to take a while for the public to realize it.

Here’s how your construction company can deal with the shortage NOW

Other people may have to wait until the future catches up with them, but your construction company doesn’t have to. Upgrade and sidestep the labor shortage by making battery-powered equipment part of your team. Worried it’s going to be too expensive? Remember everything you just read: people are becoming an expensive investment and they’re going to cost a lot more for your company in the long run.

Check out our previous blog for a sample of how battery-powered equipment saves money over time. The savings come from eliminating the toxic by-products of diesel-powered machinery (such as fumes and spills) that can lead to fines of thousands of dollars. Take the GreenMachine as a perfect example. They’re eco-friendly and can take on the work of 10-15 people.

Think of the saved wages and less stress about labor shortages. Our other eco-friendly models are the Sherpa 100 ECO and Sherpa EHD. They provide the kind of safety that protects your team via remote control and minimal frame mass. They’re small but powerful and can get in and out of tight construction spots that could harm your physical workers.

Even in a struggling sector, we’ve been building our reputation

We do more than talk on this blog. The equipment we provide and the principles we work by have seen us go from strength to strength. Construction may be facing some hard times, but Triple E has only grown. We made the Top 1000 of the Inc. 5000, improved our revenue by over 500% in three years, and made multiple entrepreneurial finals lists.

We want the same for you. We’re on the cutting edge of construction and have our finger on the pulse of where the next workers, trends, and equipment are coming from. Battery-powered equipment like mini skid steers and electric wheelbarrows help to save a fortune and handle the worker shortage. If you need to hire more people on site in future, the money you’re saving means you can handle the higher wages while your competitors can’t.

Get in touch with us to learn more and join us at the cutting edge!

At Triple E, we’re passionate about keeping pace with an evolving construction industry. If you want to learn more about securing your place in the future, call at (954)-978-3440 or reach us through our contact form.

November 25, 2019 By Alex Berg in Blog