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“I Can Fit About 7 Dead Turkeys in That Thing!” – Why Farmers Love Battery-Powered Wheelbarrows


Measure what you produce, then do the math to discover the efficiency a power-assisted wheelbarrow can offer.

Measure what you produce, then do the math to discover the efficiency a power-assisted wheelbarrow can offer. Dead turkeys? It might sound strange, but it’s a relevant way to measure things if that’s what you do for a living. Units of measure are relative. It’s also how we remember and put important things into perspective. Your favorite bartender may not remember your name, but they’ll always recall what you drink. They don’t see David and Steve sitting down at the end of the bar. They see Vodka Tonic and IPA Pale Ale.

So, even though it might seem a bit macabre, it’s understandable why the turkey farmer we met (true story) got excited when he discovered our battery-powered wheelbarrow. Without getting into TMI details, turkeys are big birds. Powered assistance on a turkey farm comes in handy.

Did you know?

According to the State of Minnesota, the average American consumes about 18 pounds of turkey meat each year. Why are they so knowledgeable? Minnesota is the top turkey-producing state in the country, raising about 47 million of the birds annually.

Whether they’re from Minnesota or elsewhere, they’ve been getting bigger. The Wall Street Journal reports (paywall) that in 1960, the average turkey served on Thanksgiving Day weighed 16.83 pounds.

Today, what we serve tips the scales at more than 30 pounds – an 81% increase. These turkeys can weigh up to 38 pounds before they’re processed for shipping to your favorite grocery store.

Suddenly it’s much easier to empathize with an independent turkey farmer who’s looking for ways to add muscle power to their farm without necessarily increasing headcount. (Enough said about decreasing headcount at a turkey farm!) But, we’re comfortable with doing the math about turkey weight and the carrying capacity of the battery-powered wheelbarrows we feature. For farmers, it’s an exciting proposition:

  • The ED120 can effortlessly move up to 265 pounds, power assisted in both forward and reverse. It doesn’t look much different than an ordinary wheelbarrow – except for the addition of small back wheels where you’d normally just see rests.
  • The MCE400 has an automatic lift-and-dump feature and can hold up to 880 pounds. A single battery charge keeps it going for up to 10 hours. This version has gotten more than turkey farmers excited because one of the standard optional extensions is a feed wagon.

The wheelbarrow you pick will depend on your operations and your budget, but both add a power assist to what’s otherwise back-breaking manual labor. You’ll dramatically increase your productivity, and you’ll do it with additional safety and efficiency.

Battery power, a turkey farmer’s new best friend

Until recently, unless it was manually powered by a human laborer, farming and agriculture equipment was gas- or diesel-powered. It might have added efficiency, but it also increased operating costs. Besides maintenance, there are fuel expenses to consider. In many cases, that can make up to half of your entire operations budget.

Battery power on the job is far more effective over time because you immediately eliminate fuel costs. A price increase in fuel could wipe out your margin. This is a way to fight back and win.

Battery-powered equipment is often whisper silent, making it easier to work around livestock or even other humans. There are no fumes, which means you don’t have to worry about its impact on any living creatures. In fact, both the ED120 and MCE400 meet OSHA standards for indoor work.

Our apologies if now you can’t get the mental picture of a wheelbarrow of dead turkeys out of your head. But if you’re a turkey farmer, you might go to bed tonight and dream about it. For the rest of us, here’s a bit of assistance in clearing it away.

Sod weighs about 5 pounds per square foot. That means the ED120 could help you power 53 square feet of grass right to where you need to lay it down—doing nothing more than guiding the wheelbarrow to its destination. Or, use the MCE400 and deliver 176 square feet of sod in one trip. What will you do with all the time and labor you save?

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of battery for the farm or construction site? Call us at (954)-978-3440 or reach us through our contact form.

July 3, 2017 By Alex Berg in Blog