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Mitsubishi’s Prediction for the Future of Cars


Are cheaper batteries the end of the line for gas-powered automobiles?

At Triple E, our commitment to innovative construction means we keep an eye on everything regarding battery-powered technology. In a market once ruled by gas, the automotive sector is getting ready for some major changes. It’s more than a trend: The way the public and governments have started to consider environmental effects combined with significant tech improvements means electric cars are poised to become the way we get around.

The situation on MPG targets

On Capitol Hill, the situation for electric cars does not, at first glance, look too bright. Earlier this year, President Trump made moves to review and possibly repeal CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations; a step that would no longer require car manufacturers to hit certain miles per gallon (MPG) targets.

Whatever decision America’s government may choose on the definition of “harmful emissions,” the ultimate outcome rests in the hands of the global community. The focus on lowering emissions is worldwide, and major car manufacturers are going to cater to a global consumer and global government regulations in addition to American standards. Mitsubishi is one of many automotive giants looking at ways to produce greener vehicles.

Higher charges, lower prices

Consumer worries about electric cars running out of charge are quickly diminishing in the face of cheaper batteries and increased market competition. As Mitsubishi’s head of Electric points out, batteries are really the driving cost of electric vehicles, and batteries are quickly becoming less expensive. In the long run, battery-powered cars will actually be the cheaper production alternative for the automotive industry. Mitsubishi’s own i-MiEV model is fully electric, runs on impressive high capacity batteries that can convert kinetic energy into battery power, and is zero emission technology.

In addition, US owners of green vehicles are still eligible to receive state-based and federal tax credits. The numbers here are as healthy as the batteries themselves; up to $7,500 depending on the size of the installed battery. Special recharge rates and discounts on insurance are some of the other perks enjoyed by those choosing electric cars over gas.

How batteries are powering global change

Mistubishi isn’t alone in their greener stance. China, now the largest electric car market in the world, already has plans on the table to phase out gas-powered cars completely. The United Kingdom and France released statements this year saying they will end sales of diesel and gasoline powered cars by 2040. Within the next eight years, Volkswagen is planning 80 electric models after an investment of $24 billion in the sector. Nissan’s Leaf offers a combined range of 112 miles per charge and confidently offers a cost calculator that touts the financial benefits.

Ford is buying into the changing market in China as well as offering four models of their own in the C-Max Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid SE, and the battery-powered duo of the Fusion Energi SE and Focus Electric. And General Motors aims to roll out 20 electric alternatives models by 2023. GM has declared electricity to be the future and also cites the lowering costs of batteries, lighter cars, and more efficient motors.

How construction is joining the revolution

Our own Triple E Cost Calculator shows how green construction equipment is not only environmentally conscious but also financially smart. Our twin Sherpa models are designed to produce the necessary power while reducing daily expenses and cost of labor. They’re economical, efficient, and reliable, and building with this next generation of equipment sees greener construction businesses gaining more and more contracts over their exclusively gas competition.

The construction business is moving toward sustainable building materials and building practices. An increasing number of buildings have to be ecologically responsible, and as those numbers rise, so too will the profits of construction firms who make the change to battery.

At Triple E, we’re forward-thinkers who’ve been dedicated to bringing world-class equipment to the American construction industry since 2014. We’re ready to make your construction operation safer, faster, cleaner, and ready to compete in today’s field. You can reach us at (954) 978-3440 or send a question here.

December 6, 2017 By Alex Berg in Blog