Eco-Friendly & Efficient

Hanenberg Materieel was the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid steer: the SHERPA 100ECO. This mini loader is just as powerful as the model with the combustion engine and is particularly suitable for indoor demolition work and work in stables. The 76-cm wide mini compact loader is powered by a surprisingly strong 2-HP front-mounted electric motor.

Pressing the accelerator quickly builds up the pressure in the system. The space that normally contains the combustion engine now stores a 360-ampere battery pack that powers the mini skid steer
for up to 8 hours.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmentally friendly and compact SHERPA 100ECO can now do the physically demanding indoor work that you used to do manually.

This nifty machine is extremely quiet and doesn’t produce any unpleasant exhaust fumes.

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Technical Data

Type: DC Motor (brushless)
Capacity (kW/HP): 1,5/2
Revolutions per minute (rpm): 1800

Hydraulic through 2 hydraulic wheel motors

Speed (mph): 0-4
Breakout force (lbs): 1851
Tractive force (lbs): 1230
Hydraulic drive system (psi): 2756
Hydraulic tank capacity (gal): 11
Pallet forks with weight low: 771
Pallet forks with weight high: 486
Bucket with weight low: 770
Bucket with weight high: 484
Tires: 4.00×10
Service brake: Hydrostatic on 2 rear wheels / 2 front wheels through chain transmission
Type: Skid steering
Battery type: Traction battery
Voltage (V): 24
Battery capacity (Ah): 360
Kerb weight (lbs): 1591
A Maximum height with bucket up: 100 inches
B Height hinge point coupling plate: 81 inches
C Maximum height with bucket low: 47 inches
D Length + bucket: 85 inches
E Bucket angle when dumping: 51°
F Height underside of the bucket when dumping: 58 inches
G Length from front wheel to bucket when dumping: 8 inches
H Height bucket horizontally: 73 inches
I Bucket angle when scooping low: 26°
J Bucket angle when scooping high: 53°
K Wheelbase: 26 inches
L Length to coupling plate: 60 inches
M Ground clearance: 5 inches
N Rear Angle: 14°
O Turning radius: 64 inches
P Turning radius with bucket: 85 inches
Q Width: 30 inches

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The Sherpa 100ECO in action...

Safer. Cleaner. Eco Responsible. Zero Fuel Costs.

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We have seen cost savings in labor, increase in productivity and less injuries on the job. We also like how versatile the machine is, no emissions, fits through a standard door, light enough for all elevators and we have even adapted some of our own accessories to it. Once the unit was in the field, all of the foreman have been requesting them.

Chris Iscra

Field Operations, Break Thru Demolition

Logistics in/out of the building are difficult, with no way to bring material/garbage in out on this floor except for an area well/exterior building shell overhead door. Due to the thickness of the slab (8”), it was cut with a conventional walk-behind concrete saw with a large blade. The Sherpa, using the vacuum/suction square attachment, was used to transport the removed pieces (approx. 2-2.5’ square pieces of slab/deck) from the area of demo to the area well for hoist out of the building. The Sherpa performed the tasks with no issues, added bonus with no negative impacts to air quality in the building.

Matt Felicelli

QA/QC. Turner Construction Company

It looks small but its a real tanker. That thing will climb anything when it's full.

Duke Long

President, Interstate Sawing

I wish I had my 100ECO 10 years ago when I was moving all this concrete. It's saved us a lot of time and money by doing all of the heavy lifting where we used to have 8-10 people instead.

Gary Andrews

Project Manager, R&K Concrete Cutting

The 100ECO has saved us months of work. With it being battery powered, we were able to take it to our indoor job and as I said - it literally saved us months on this job.

Dale Burdge

Owner, Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Short answer: It's a game changer. It's the best purchase I have ever made for my business. (Referencing the Sherpa 100ECO)

Josh Perkins

Patriot Concrete Cutting

These things are bullet proof. We sent them out to a job for a couple months and beat the crap out of them and did nothing but charge the batteries. They still haven't stopped working.

Wes Baker

Operations Manager. Lloyd's Construction Services

On the whole, I am quite blown away with the new efficiency we have found using the products at Cratos Equipment - specifically the SHERPA 100ECO. My Teams can now accomplish more in less time - and that is great for our efficiency and profitability.

Paul Middleton

Abel Plus Services

Every Denver contractor in Denver is asking us about them. We don't tell them where we got them because it gives us such a huge advantage.

Pete Vastyan

Principal, 2:41 Demo

The 100ECO has brought numerous new customers along with our current customers. Everyone is really happy with the machine and its performance. We are very happy we added it to our fleet.

Kevin Fitzgerald

Owner, Reddy Rents

Having 1 Sherpa is like having 1 ball... You just gotta have 2.

Bill Fay

Owner, Tiny's Construction