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Sherpa 100EHD

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Fully Computer-Controlled

The Sherpa 100EHD is fully computer-controlled for an optimum balance of speed and power, while ensuring that little energy is lost. All of this is carried out with a microprocessor that works according to the PLC principle (programmable logic controller). This will enable you to get more operating hours from every battery recharge.

Key features of the Sherpa 100EHD are its compact turning radius (48 inches), low tire pressure, lift-friendliness and narrow body that allows it to be operated practically anywhere.

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Technical Data

Type: DC Motor (brushless)
Capacity (kW/HP): 3,25
Revolutions per minute (rpm): 0-2000

Hydraulic through 2 hydraulic wheel motors

Speed (mph):  0-4
Breakout Force (lbs):  Tractive 1851
Force (lbs): Hydraulic drive 1322
System Pressure (psi): 2755
Tank Capacity (gal): 7.5
Pallet forks with weight low (lbs): 1715
Pallet forks with weight high (lbs): 1060
Bucket with weight low (lbs): 935
Bucket with weight high (lbs): 685
Tires: 4.00×8
Service brake: Hydrostatic on 2 rear wheels / 2 front wheels through chain transmission
Type: Skid steering
Battery Type: Traction
Battery Voltage (V): 24
Battery Capacity (Ah): 360
Unit Weight (lbs): 1985

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