Cratos Equipment was founded by Alex Berg, who wanted to prove that contractors didn't need to compromise power to use battery-powered equipment. That electric equipment is safer, quieter, & more useful. Alex accomplished this with the introduction of the Sherpa 100ECO Electric Mini Skid-Steer.

Now Cratos has an entire fleet of all battery-powered equipment demolition equipment. We believe that the future is electric, & the sooner we get to a zero-emissions future the better.


The founder of Cratos Equipment, Alex Berg is a fourth-generation entrepreneur raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a family of demolition experts. As a young adult, Alex worked alongside his father in their family-owned demolition business.

While completing a challenging project at the Fort Lauderdale airport, he first got the idea for a zero-emission skid-steer. Alex needed a machine that could easily fit indoors & would be safe to use. After plenty of research, he found a European company that made the electric skid-steer he urgently needed.

Alex then worked with the European company to get the machine to meet his standards, & the 100ECO was made. 

Fast forward to today, & Alex has continued the practice of introducing battery-powered equipment into the demolition industry.