Cratos Launches its First Line of Hydraulic Breakers

14.07.23 07:51 AM Comment(s) By Cratos

New & Powerful

Cratos Equipment, Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida has added its first line of hydraulic hammers to its expanding product offering. Comprised of three different size micro hammers, the M01, M02 & M04 are perfectly sized for carriers from as low as .6 tons up to 6 tons with a working oil flow range of 10 liters per minute up to 62 liters per minute.

The new M line is designed specifically to fit a wide range of carriers with two different hose routing options, standard idle blow protection to promote proper operating methods and an internal pressure adjusting valve which allows for a wider oil flow range. Additional add-on options for different applications include a wear ring with shield plate protection for the housing and tool bushing, pressurized air connections for dust control, as well as an optional compact auto greasing device
“These hydraulic hammers offer the same quality and performance our customers have come to expect from our product offering” says Alex Berg, CEO & Founder of Cratos.  “I think people will be blown away by the power and efficiency in such a small package”.

Berg says that the small size of these hammers will also reduce the wear and tear on the carriers, reducing the already low maintenance costs of Cratos’ full line of battery powered machines.


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