Top Tip to Increase Productivity in Demolition Business

13.01.23 01:51 PM Comment(s) By Cratos


If you run a demolition business, then you know that there is always room for improvement. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it's important to constantly update your methods and techniques. One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves is how do we…


This one can feel like a no-brainer, because of course this would help your company. The more jobs you can complete, & the faster you can complete them means you are able to take on more projects to increase your revenue. 
The immediate solution that many think of when it comes to increasing productivity is hiring more laborers. It allows you to accomplish work at a faster rate, but there are many problems that come with hiring more employees.
1. INCREASED OPERATING COSTS: You now have more people to pay than you already were. This isn’t a problem if your crew is accomplishing work fast, but you have to find the right people to make that happen. Not to mention, you can only have so many laborers on a job site before there’s simply to many. Which brings up a very real problem that many companies are facing today in all industries. 

2. LABOR SHORTAGE: In January of 2022, there were 11.3 million jobs available, and it’s a problem many companies are still feeling. So simply hiring more people may prove to be a more difficult task than you may have originally thought. This won’t be the last labor shortage either, so your solution needs to keep that in mind. 

3. INSURANCE/ SAFETY: Demolition is a tough job, & accidents happen all of the time. The more laborers you need to insure, and cover the cost of these accidents, the more these factors cut into your bottom line, preventing profit. 
Your solution to increase productivity needs to account for those hurdles that not only exist now but will exist in the future. This means you need to seek to lower your operating cost, reduce your requirement for increased manpower, & decrease the need for insurance/ safety expenses.

What can answer those needs in one single solution?


Electric demolition equipment is not just a great solution to increase productivity/ profitability, it is THE solution, and your competitors are already jumping on this.

For example, our 2Speed Electric Skid Steer gives one operator the ability to do the work of 3-5 people, all in one. It can tear down walls in seconds, transport materials/ debris faster than 3 manual laborers, & even break up concrete floors with ease. 

Our ES800 Dumper allows for one single operator to transport up to 1764 pounds with the ease of pushing a shopping cart, thanks to the battery-powered motor that can be used with the push of a button.

Our equipment rarely requires repairs, meaning your maintenance costs are practically eliminated, and the same goes for your fuel! Never again will you need to calculate fuel costs into your estimates. 

Having fewer laborers, & having equipment that handles the dangerous work means your costs for insurance, and safety expenses are reduced dramatically. Low maintenance cost, & fewer laborers all lead to one thing:

Profitability, & productivity. 

Cratos Equipment has been supplying battery-powered equipment since 2013, well before the trend started. We saw the need well in advance, and have been helping demolition companies reshape their business into a brand new phase of success.


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