Battery-Powered Case Study: Interstate Sawing Company, Inc.

02.04.18 10:05 AM Comment(s) By Cratos A worker with Interstate Sawing, Inc. cleans up demolition debris with a Sherpa mini skid steer featuring the regular bucket attachment.

Electric equipment gives this demolitions company a competitive edge

For the past two decades, Interstate Sawing has been one of the premier concrete cutting and robotic demolition companies in the Midwest. Interstate has been involved in numerous projects throughout the region, including schools, museums, and even the Mall of America. But the company isn’t just about roadwork or tearing things down, says Marketing Director Haley Long.

Often owners don’t simply want a building to come down or be gutted, they want it to be repaired or restored, which requires a delicate hand. Interstate specializes in “safe and controlled demolition,” Long says, and this is why the precision equipment they use is so important. A battery-powered Sherpa mini skid steer with a vacuum attachment moves a piece of heavy debris.

Sherpas save time and money

One piece of equipment that has been invaluable to the work Interstate does is the Sherpa battery-powered mini skid steer, which the company primarily uses for hauling away debris. Long says the machines are much more efficient than having their guys pick up pieces with shovels and traditional wheelbarrows.

“As we’re breaking the concrete, as it falls, we’ve got a guy on the Sherpas able to scoop it up and take it away so we can keep moving. make the job a lot faster.”

Not only is there less work and time involved, there’s not as much strain on the body, Long adds. And because not as many workers are needed, Interstate saves big on labor costs.

A competitive advantage

One benefit that Long especially likes about the Sherpas is that they don’t require any fuel. The equipment fits into their fleet perfectly, as a lot of their other tools and machinery are electric.

“It is awesome that we can plug them in to charge them and we don’t have to worry about having to get gas,” Long says.

Long also points out that Interstate’s electric equipment gives them a competitive advantage, as they’ve been able to get more indoor jobs because there are no fumes to worry about. This has been especially helpful when working with certain businesses, such as those in the food industry.

If your firm wants to reduce costs and increase efficiency, adding a Sherpa mini skid steer to your fleet could be a perfect choice. To learn more about what battery-powered equipment can do for your company, get in touch with Triple E Equipment. Call us at 954-978-3440 or send a message to

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