Battery-Powered Landscaping Equipment Benefits the Bottom Line

04.04.18 10:21 AM Comment(s) By Cratos

A green and gas-free way to shape the world

Landscaping has traditionally been an art with hidden costs. Our air, water, and soil have been poisoned over time by combustive fuels. These days, battery-powered landscaping equipment offers a cleaner way to do landscaping while cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Consumers are also prioritizing green landscaping methods, and you don't have to sacrifice practicality to keep them happy.

How public opinion is turning toward environmentally-responsible options

In a previous blog, we examined the hard figures which support the move toward eco-friendly landscaping equipment. A study revealed that while only 19% of companies even considered battery-power as an alternative to diesel, 65% of polled consumers say they'd favor eco-friendly equipment. 72% said they'd actively support companies who've gone green while 57% prefer eco-conscious landscapers.

Battery-powered sustainable landscaping is set to grow

The figures above show the potential of battery-powered landscaping equipment. Gas is not a sustainable model and businesses that switch to battery now will be ahead of the curve.

Fuel savings can help offset the price of equipment, as will the use of less manpower and the potential contracts from customers who want a quieter and environmentally-friendly solution. Electric landscapers can differentiate themselves from competitors and open up new opportunities from clients who don’t welcome exhaust fumes and noise.

Some tools for the greenest job

One core landscaper's tool, the wheelbarrow, has evolved into the modern, battery-powered PowerPac. It comes in three designs and is as versatile as it is economical. Whether your landscaping requires shifting sod, soil, water, wood, or even masonry block or brickwork, there is a choice of attachments to get the job done.

The RDE500 is a battery-powered track dumper capable of hauling over 1,000 lbs. Its tooth-geared tracks let it move over rugged terrain, while its adjustable load-carrying beds let you decide exactly how much it needs to carry. This highly-maneuverable wheelbarrow emits a mere 50db operating noise level, meaning the RDE 500 is no louder than a refrigerator.

Our MCE 400 dumper is equally rugged and capable of handling bulky soil loads with ease. Its many attachments include a rotary sweeper, wood carrying platform, multi-cleaner, and water tank. Ten-hour shifts of soil hauling, material transport, and irrigation are made simple, efficient, and environmentally sound.

The ED 120 is ideal for homeowners as well as professionals. It looks like a traditional wheelbarrow yet packs the power to shift 265 pounds.

Battery-powered landscaping is money in your pocket

To estimate the cost savings from battery-powered equipment, check out the cost savings calculator on the right of each product page.

Battery-powered landscaping equipment keeps landscapers current with emerging trends. Customers want to work with environmentally-friendly firms – and the equipment saves big on both labor and fuel costs.

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