Mini Case Study: Robles1 Demolition Contractors

11.04.18 11:12 AM Comment(s) By Cratos Adam Robles talks about how a Sherpa helps his company be more efficient Robles1 Demolition Contractors is a family-run business with two Texas locations. They specialize in all things demo, including interior gut-outs and concrete and slab removal. And one piece of equipment they rely on is the Sherpa 100 ECO. A relatively new addition to their fleet, Operations Manager Adam Robles says the company purchased a Sherpa at the National Demolition Association convention in 2017. It wasn’t long before they saw how beneficial it was.

A Sherpa can do the job of many workers

“It’s hard to find good workers,” Robles said, and the Sherpa can easily take the place of several. “The machine can do a job in one day it would take four or five guys to do.” With concrete blocks, for example, it takes many guys to load and haul them, but the machine saves quite a bit of manpower and time. Another big benefit is money savings, Robles said. Now the company has the benefit of saving thousands of dollars in payroll expenses. Plus, there haven’t been any breakdowns or maintenance issues with their Sherpa. “You know it’s going to get the job done.”

Fatigue is never an issue

Robles says that during the first couple of hours of a job, a lot of energy is exerted, with guys loading up a wheelbarrow and hauling materials away. “By hour three, hour four, they’re starting to get fatigued a little bit and slowing down. Now all they have to do is walk the wheelbarrow out inside of loading and walking.”

Several attachment options

Robles likes all of the attachments that can be used with the Sherpa, especially the hammer. “We can put a 200-pound hammer on it, which eliminates guys having to carry big 60-pound jackhammers. What can be done in an hour with the hammer would take two guys all day to break up concrete pads. Then you just switch the bucket out and load it up.”

Compact and fuel-free

Above all, Robles says the best benefit of the Sherpa is that it can be used anywhere. This is due to its compact size and the fact that it doesn’t run on fuel. Fitting it on an elevator is never an issue, and Robles says he’s taken it up 10-story buildings. Plus, with zero emissions, ventilation doesn’t have to be a concern with indoor work. “I’m always looking for an excuse to buy another one,” Robles adds. Want to see what a battery-powered Sherpa can do for your demolition or construction company? Contact Triple E to get more information.
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