Stop Looking for a Gasoline Mini Skid Steer and Get the Battery-Powered Sherpa Instead

06.07.17 02:53 PM Comment(s) By Cratos

There’s literally no downside, and it’ll cost you less in the long run.

There’s literally no downside, and it’ll cost you less in the long run. Talk about information overload. Head to your favorite search engine and type in MINI SKID STEER. You’ll get a couple million results. Of course, not all of them even have to do with mini skids, but you still get the idea. There’s a lot of information out there. So, how do you zero in on what’s best?

The last thing you want to do is invest in this type of equipment and discover that it just doesn’t accomplish what you thought it would. It’s unlikely, because a good skid steer is going to be a flexible piece of equipment that should offer you a wide variety of operational options. Make sure your expectations match up with those options, though. Make sure, also, that you go with a battery-powered skid steer. We’ll explain why. But first, here are suggestions to help you make the right choice:

Size matters

No big surprise here. Like the average t-shirt, skid steers come in large, medium, and small sizes. They’re called “mini” skid steers for a reason. You need it to fit in some pretty tight spaces. The most noticeable downside to the smallest of skid steers – those that fall into the “mini” range – is that they’re just not going to have the same lift height capacity as their larger cousins.

That’s often not an issue if you focus on a lot of interior construction/demolition; it’s likely that you’re dealing with a single story at a time. Here’s also where a battery-powered mini skid steer like the SHERPA 100ECO makes the most sense. Zero emissions. You’re not dealing with exhaust from an internal combustion engine, so there’s no need to worry about the additional cost of construction ventilation. In fact, the entire line of SHERPA mini skid steers meets or exceed OSHA standards for indoor work.

Don’t let the diminutive size SHERPA mini skid steer fool you. It’s got all the power you need packed into a width of just 29.92 inches, with a turning radius of 48 inches. That means it’ll fit easily through any standard doorway and it tips the scales at just 1,600 pounds, so you can let it ride up to your interior construction site on a standard elevator.

Muscle for your hustle

Is there a tradeoff involved in going with a mini skid steer when it comes to horsepower and torque? There doesn’t have to be if you insist on going with a battery-powered version. The electric engines in the SHERPA line outperform their gasoline- and diesel-powered competitors when it comes to torque. And because you’re not dealing with the necessity of an engine’s horsepower to develop that torque, you don’t have to worry about sucking up lots of fuel.

Attachments to extend versatility

Think if your mini skid steer as the Swiss Army knife of the construction industry. There’s an attachment for just about every kind of job you can imagine. You just want to make sure the skid steer you’re planning to get features the attachments you’ll need.

In the case of the SHERPA line of mini skid steers, that means a generous base of attachments, including:

  • A bucket with 3 different width options
  • A grapple with 3 different width options
  • A Pallet fork
  • A hydraulic hammer with up to 350 foot-pounds of impact energy
  • An auger with an add-on extension, and 8 different drill diameter options
  • A vacuum attachment that can lift and move anything with a smooth, hard surface

That’s more than enough to get you started, but in terms of attachments, the SHERPA is just getting started. You’ll have additional ones to extend the versatility of your mini skid steer even further, ranging from a plow or roller broom to a stone clamp.

Battery = best reason

We said we’d get back to explaining why a battery-powered mini skid steer like the SHERPA series is your best choice – but at this point, you’ve already some huge reasons why battery power beats gasoline. You’ll never have to worry about what fluctuating fuel costs are going to do to your operating budget, you’ll have less maintenance issues, and it’s safer. For your people and for the environment, with no compromise.

For more information about the benefits of a battery-powered mini skid steer, as well as an estimate of the costs you can save, give us a call at (954)-978-3440 or reach us through our contact form.

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