The Sherpa 100ECO Gets Upgraded

15.01.21 06:23 PM Comment(s) By Cratos

In early 2020 the Sherpa 100ECO gets upgraded receiving some changes to improve its overall performance and make it easier to use. However, for those with older attachments and older machines, there are some definite impacts.

Change #1 - No Drip Fittings

Benefit: Drip fittings are mounted to a fixed location, and there is no chance of them becoming twisted.

Older machine with older attachments- no impact, if you want to upgrade to no drip fittings, you can, but the old grapple bucket and hammer attachment will request a conversion kit.

Older machine with new attachments- If you have an older machine and plan to purchase a new hammer or grapple bucket, you will need to buy a conversion kit with a longer hose.

New machine with older attachments- If you have a new machine with an older grapple bucket and hammer attachment, you will need to purchase a conversion kit with a longer hose.

New machine with new attachments- You are all set!

Change #2 - Bigger Foot Pedal Switch Area

The new 100ECO offers more foot space.

Change #3- Two additional anchor points

There are now two additional anchors on the back of the machine located next to the foot pedal space. With two other anchors, you can now more securely anchor the machine.

Contact Cratos Equipment to schedule a one-on-one demo and see how the Sherpa 100ECO gets upgraded.

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