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Tell us about yourself.

I am Joe Tardibouno. I have been the owner of American Coring for 30 years, which is located in Toms River, New Jersey.

What made you decide to purchase your machine from us?

We used a diesel mini skid steer when we could, but most of the time we were forced to the work by hand,...
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Tell us about yourself? How did you get started in the industry that you are in today?

- I started at E.J Longyear Company in Simi Valley, California, where I gained experience in the manufacturing process of diamond bits, blades, saws, drills, and power units.

How long have you been in the industry?


15.06.20 10:32 PM - Comment(s) Adam Robles talks about how a Sherpa helps his company be more efficient Robles1 Demolition Contractors is a family-run business with two Texas locations. They specialize in all things demo, including interior gut-outs and concrete and slab removal. And o...
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There’s literally no downside, and it’ll cost you less in the long run.

There’s literally no downside, and it’ll cost you less in the long run. Talk about information overload. Head to your favorite search engine and type in MINI SKID STEER. You’ll get a couple million results. Of course, not all of ...

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30+ attachments for the Sherpa 100 ECO give your construction company incredible versatility

Quality. Efficiency. Reliability. These are some of the cornerstones of quality construction services. The driving goal of achieving all you can as safely, productively, and efficiently as possible is univers...

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