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It’s now easier for customers to find the right parts for their battery-powered equipment.

Based in South Florida, Triple E Equipment sells its battery-powered tools and machinery all over North America. Now with several hundred units out in the field, th...

12.06.19 12:36 PM - Comment(s)

It’s a major change – but going electric is easier than you think

The construction sector isn’t among the most adaptable of industries. Diesel-powered vehicles and tools have long been the standard due to industry resistance to change. It’s been a slow process over almost half a century (The Clean Ai...

22.08.18 10:04 AM - Comment(s) A worker with Interstate Sawing, Inc. cleans up demolition debris with a Sherpa mini skid steer featuring the regular bucket attachment.

Electric equipment gives this demolitions company a competitive edge

For the past two decades, Interstate Sawing has be...

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Energy storage capacity has been a stumbling block—until recently—for manufacturers looking at ways to pair up construction equipment with alternative energy sources and non-fossil fuel-powered engines.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the internal combustion engine. It’s effectively powered our constru...

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