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How did you get started in this industry? Why does it appeal to you?

I was recruited into the industry five years ago. The consistent opportunity to learn is most appealing. It’s an industry that constantly moves forward.

Where is your best success story, or your funniest encounter?

I was once in the a...
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You can’t stop the seasons, but you can prevent what they do to your cash flow  

Winter is coming. That’s bad news if you’re a cast member of Game of Thrones. Your likelihood of being killed by an ice zombie or a dragon just went through the roof. The approach of winter can be a fatal blow...
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You’re here to make things better, but do you have to make so much noise?  

The project owner is probably the only one who’s pleased when construction equipment starts rolling up on a site. If it’s a commercial area, nearby businesses start wondering how long the disruption will last. If t...
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Will switching to battery-powered construction equipment means that it’ll take longer to get jobs done because they’re less powerful? The emphatic answer is no.

Our roads and highways aren’t the only places where electric motors are changing the playing field. Internal combustion-powered construction...

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It can do just about anything but serve you tea at the summit of Mount Everest.

The gulping noise you hear isn’t your crew stopping to rehydrate. It’s the sound of your profits being sucked up by your construction equipment. Keeping your equipment fueled can consume up to half of your operating budge...

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