How the Battery-Powered Sherpa Helps You Do More with Less

14.06.17 02:04 PM Comment(s) By Cratos

30+ attachments for the Sherpa 100 ECO give your construction company incredible versatility

Quality. Efficiency. Reliability. These are some of the cornerstones of quality construction services. The driving goal of achieving all you can as safely, productively, and efficiently as possible is universal in business, but these are outsized priorities in the construction industry. And we now have a 21st century option that puts a big green check in every one of those boxes. Battery-powered equipment. You can do more with “less” and with zero compromise in quality.

At Triple E, we're proud to offer the industry the finest construction machines available. One of the best is the Sherpa, which embodies a world of construction possibilities. At a mere 31-inches wide, it's as economical in size as it is in fuel costs, and this durable little workhorse is built to last.

Its eco-friendly battery produces no hazardous fumes and is OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) approved. The 100ECO works both indoors and outdoors and supports a variety of attachments that transform the versatile Sherpa into whatever you need it to be.

Over 30 perfect fits

The bucket option helps the Sherpa dig in to transport loads and offers three different width options. If you need to get a grip with a grapple there are three more width options that can help you shift serious weight. The Sherpa's pallet forks are no lightweight either: they're capable of lifting over 700 pounds.

When it's hammer time, the Sherpa can deliver 350 foot pounds of pure impact energy. The Auger drill offers options within options, extending over four feet and providing eight choices in drill width.

The list goes on. Large and small hydraulic clamps, stationary and roller brooms, lifting hooks, plows, pin buckets, stone clamps, and trailer couplings. This model's frame already allows it to go safely where bulkier gas-powered equipment could never reach. And its spectrum of attachments stand ready to help the 100ECO adapt to as many tasks as you can give it.

How much to do more?

The good news is that this isn't a million-dollar question. A quick use of our Cost Calculator demonstrates just how much the Sherpa can save you in labor costs, daily expenses, and work injury compensation. The initial cost outlay is not only an investment in your company's efficiency, it's a sign of your standards as a safe and environmentally-aware operator who prioritizes their responsibility to employees, clients, and the public.

The Sherpa 100 ECO (and the equally impressive Sherpa EHD) will pay for itself many times over. As the industry changes, the days of the Sherpa's gas-fueled ancestors are quickly becoming history. The competitive, flexible company of the future will have batteries at its core.

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