Top 3 Most Used Demolition Machines

12.07.22 02:14 AM By Cratos

If you work in demolition, there's a solid chance you've seen these 3 categories of machines used on job sites, & for good reason - they're game changing machines.


Is a skid-steer worth the investment? In just about every scenario, yes. Why? There’s just about nothing these beasts of machines can’t do! Traditionally they are outfitted with a bucket attachment to scoop up debris, dirt, or other materials, but they can be outfitted with a wide variety of attachments. From hammers to break up concrete, pallet forks for lifting, floor scrapers to uproot carpet, linoleum, & hardwood floors, grapple buckets to grab large items, & even vacuum pads which can lift up to 700 lbs. worth of concrete slabs. They’re powerful, can lift/ dump at heights of 6 feet, & our battery powered skid steer is ready to run for 8 whole hours of work. Having a skid-steer in your arsenal is almost always a benefit & opens you up to new opportunities that you may never have had.                                                                                                         


Excavators are remarkable machines, but not everyone needs an excavator. That said, for those who do, they can tell you just how much excavators have revolutionized their demolition business. With their extreme power, & dig depth, if the excavator can reach it, it’s either going to be demolished or moved. No question about it. Luckily, excavators come in a wide variety of sizes, from absolutely massive, to small excavators that are about as tall as a 6-foot person. The smaller excavators are a huge advantage, because it means they are able to be used on smaller jobs that make a massive impact!


It’s simple, you demolish things, and then you gotta get all of that mess out of the job site. So, what do you do? You load that stuff into a wheelbarrow of some kind, haul that heavy stuff out, & dispose of it elsewhere. Then you do this over and over again until the mess is gone. It’s necessary work, but it’s tiresome to lug around hundreds of pounds of materials back and forth, day in & day out. That’s where innovative Dumpers like the Cratos ES800 & ES500 come in! These are battery powered dumpers, which means all of that heavy pushing & pulling of hundreds of pounds of materials is now all down with the ease of pushing a button. The battery powered engine does the work, & and can move over 700 lbs. of materials over & over for 8 hours! All you have to do…is steer. 


Where the equipment at Cratos differs is the ability to operate this equipment indoors safely! Their battery powered function means zero emissions, which means there’s no toxic fumes flooding the indoor workspace. That’s not something you can do with a diesel/ gas/ or propane powered equipment. It also means you save a ton of money on fuel costs, and our equipment can be charged on a simple 110 V wall outlet. While equipment like this is no stranger to construction companies, the demolition experts are the ones who can completely change how their business operates with equipment that can be used indoors. You’re able to work faster, complete jobs faster, & get more jobs…faster. If this info is speaking to you, then maybe it’s time to reach out to Cratos Equipment just as fast before your competition does.

Customer Testimonial: 

"Both the Twincas and Sherpas have been a great addition to our zero emissions rental fleet. They have been received well by our customers and have saved them time and money on their jobs, which leads to bottom line profit for them.  Both units are relatively easy to operate and we have minimal service issues with them, unless it’s clear cut customer neglect. On the sales side once a customer has rented these for a while they usually end up purchasing units for their fleet. Again easy to operate and low maintenance.
It is a pleasure working with a manufacturer that understands how we operate and continues to support us in every way possible.
Thank You for your support!" Vin C.


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