19.07.23 09:04 PM By Cratos
Zero-emission equipment, such as battery-powered demolition equipment, is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. This is because it not only improves the environment but also provides a number of other benefits. Cratos is at the forefront of this movement as a small battery-powered demolition equipment specialist and can give you the tools you need to succeed. Read on to learn more about the advantages of utilizing sustainable construction equipment during your next demolition project. 

Reduced Operating Cost

One of the most significant benefits of zero-emission equipment is that it can lead to reduced operating costs. How is this possible? Well, battery-powered equipment avoids the need for expensive and harmful fossil fuels because it does not require traditional fuels. 
Without the need for fuel expenses, companies can significantly cut their resource expenses, resulting in cheaper overall operating costs. Like our battery powered excavator for example, which employs rechargeable batteries that may last all day on a single charge, decreasing the need to refuel or recharge during the workday.

Improved Efficiency

Aside from financial savings, zero-emission equipment boosts efficiency. This is due to the fact that battery-powered equipment is more dependable and requires less maintenance than traditional equipment. Cratos' battery-powered demolition equipment is built for durability and dependability, so it can withstand the demands of your construction site. 
Furthermore, because battery-powered equipment does not require a warm-up period like traditional equipment, it can be used right away, saving you time.

Quiter Operation

Another benefit of zero-emission equipment is that it operates more quietly than traditional equipment since battery-powered equipment does not generate the same noise level as equipment that relies on fossil fuels. For instance, our CMX18 (the battery powered mini excavator) produces far less noise than its diesel-powered counterparts. Because of this, it may be utilized in regions where noise is a concern without causing problems for locals, while also protecting the operators hearing!

Health Benefits for Workers

Perhaps the most important benefit of zero-emission equipment is that it can benefit workers’ health. Traditional equipment that relies on fossil fuels can generate harmful emissions that can be dangerous to workers on the job site. Zero-emission equipment eliminates these emissions, reducing the risk of health problems such as respiratory issues and cancer.

The Bottom Line

Our 100% battery powered demolition equipment can help your company in ways other than lowering its environmental effect. It can also contribute to lower operating expenses, more efficiency, quieter operation, and greater worker wellness. So, who is the number one supplier of battery-operated and sustainable construction equipment?
For a decade, Cratos has specialized in compact battery-powered demolition equipment and has been at the forefront of the zero-emission equipment movement. Contact us today to find out more about how our equipment might help your company.

Do you want to learn more about the advantages of zero-emission equipment? Contact Cratos today to talk with one of our specialists about how our battery-powered demolition equipment might benefit your company.


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